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Employee leasing

Seasonality and changing production plans are the biggest challenges that make it difficult to keep full-time employees at a constant level. Employee leasing is a response to meeting staffing needs. Additionally, such a solution transfers the HR, payroll and administrative responsibility to the employment agency.

Advantages of employee leasing:

  • Increase in production – fast recruitment and delivery of employees
  • Production decrease – the possibility of reducing the number of temporary workers in a short time, which affects the company’s budget
  • Possibility to check the employee before making a decision on direct cooperation
  • Significant reduction of costs related to the recruitment process
  • HR and administrative services are entirely on the side of the agency

Affiliate program

Do you know companies that struggle with staffing problems? If you are not our client, we will pay you a remuneration for recommending our services. If you are our partner, then we will grant you a discount on the services we provide for you. As you can see, WIN-WIN situations are not just a theory.


Recruitment of specialists

Analyzing the labor market over the last two years, we can confidently say that we live in very dynamic times. In 2019, and even at the beginning of 2020, there was talk of the employee market. The COVID-19 pandemic, like any crisis, has affected many areas of our daily life and the labor market must have felt it too. Limited mobility, downtime in certain industries or even the closure of certain branches of the economy have left their mark on the labor market. Some specialists have lost their jobs, and some are less willing to change and focus on stabilization.

Our agency can assist you in recruiting suitable candidates because we have many years of experience in this area. We carried out complex recruitment processes, from the selection of candidates, through checking practical knowledge, to verifying the knowledge of the languages ​​required by the employer.


  • Timeliness – we agree with the client the time needed to recruit an employee
  • Cost predictability – we define the budget needed to carry out the entire process
  • Directional recruitment – we have a database of candidates and a network of partner agencies in Ukraine, which enables efficient selection also outside Poland

During the last few years, our agency has recruited many highly qualified employees to our former and current partners. Unfortunately, we did not boast about these successes, but we decided to change it and we want to make our potential partners aware that in addition to employee leasing, we also recruit specialists

Try & Hire

Try & Hire service reduces the risk of making a mistake when hiring an unfamiliar employee. Many companies try to fill the staff shortages by publishing a simple message: I will hire employees from Ukraine. However, the experience of our clients shows that it is more effective to establish cooperation with an employment agency.


Legalization of stay and work of foreigners

According to the Central Statistical Office, the number of foreigners working in Poland is growing every year, and the numbers are about 2 million. Very often these are people from outside the EU, whose stay and work must be legalized in accordance with applicable law before the relevant state authorities. Companies wishing to employ foreigners directly must meet a number of formalities, and our employment agency, as a trusted advisor, has introduced the following services:

  • keeping documentation related to the legalization of the stay and work of foreigners on the territory of Poland
  • monitoring the status of cases submitted to offices and the periods of validity of foreigners’ stays and documents issued thereon
  • preparing companies for checks on the correct employment of foreigners carried out by the National Labor Inspectorate or the Border Guard
  • consultation on various legal aspects related to the above activities

If you would like to delegate some or all of the above tasks, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: the lack or failure to complete the formalities related to the employment of foreigners may result in serious legal consequences, including the imposition of penalties.


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