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Our services

  • keeping documentation related to the legalization of the stay and work of foreigners on the territory of Poland
  • monitoring the status of cases submitted to offices and the periods of validity of foreigners’ stays and documents issued thereon
  • preparing companies for checks on the correct employment of foreigners carried out by the National Labor Inspectorate or the Border Guard
  • consultation on various legal aspects related to the above activities

If you would like to delegate some or all of the above tasks, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: the lack or failure to complete the formalities related to the employment of foreigners may result in serious legal consequences, including the imposition of penalties.

Legalization of employment documents

Legalizing the work of foreigners in Poland imposes certain obligations on employers and requires them to spend time. VANNER Employment Agency helps you go through cumbersome administrative procedures. We can even fully comply with the regulations required by Polish offices. From among the countries of Eastern Europe, the citizens of Ukraine and Moldova have the easiest entry to our country. They are not subject to the procedure of obtaining entry visas to the European Union, such as residents of Belarus. However, all foreigners must fulfill their obligations to the administration when they want to work in our country.

Contacts with the administration

Legalization of the work of foreigners requires several visits to poviat and voivodeship institutions – the Poviat Labor Office and the Voivodship Office. These activities take a lot of time, so entrepreneurs willing to employ foreigners in their companies often give up this intention due to these inconveniences.

Our specialists take it upon themselves to overcome these obstacles – we contact the administration ourselves. An even further facilitation on our part is the offer of leasing employees from the east. In this case, it is on the side of our agency not only to deal with matters related to the work permit, but we also take over all duties related to employee service – wages, insurance, fees, training, etc.

Facilitating the stay of foreigners

We also deal with the living matters of foreigners. First of all, we take care of the organization of their accommodation. Employers are not burdened with this type of case. We also organize introductory training on work organization, rules prevailing in Polish companies and behavior in a new environment. Thanks to such preparation, the employees we recommend acclimatize faster and are more efficient.

Contact us

Do you employ foreigners, but keeping documentation is complicated and time-consuming for you? Are you thinking of employing foreigners directly, but don’t know how to do it? Let us take care of it.


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