Work in a salmon processing plant in Grudziądz


Grudziądz, woj. Kuyavian-Pomeranian


PLN 19,00 / hour, PLN 23,50 / hour (student)


Working hours: work in 2 shifts of 12 hours (06:00 – 18:00 and 18:00 – 6:00), work 6 days a week, paid breaks.


350 PLN / month Comfortable apartments (cottages) with everything you need (kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, bedding). Accommodation in rooms for 3-4 persons.


Section: weighing smoked salmon fillet

The essence of the work is to take fillets from the conveyor line, put them on the scale to the desired weight (determined by the foreman) and return them to the line. There is no need to carry boxes or carry heavy items. All processes are as automated as possible and do not require manual labor.

Section: fresh salmon – no cut and fingering

Machining of fresh salmon fillets, cutting the fins and bellies, extracting the remaining bones with special tongs, salting fresh salmon fillets.

Section: packing

Packing in cardboard boxes, labeling, palletizing boxes with products, keeping the workplace clean.


  • Age: up to 55 years
  • Work requires manual skills
  • Willingness to study and work
  • Diligent fulfillment of duties.
  • Good health and no addictions


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